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Review and Strategize

We take a detailed look at all sections of your credit report. Next, we will devise a personalized plan and dispute any inaccurate information with all three bureaus. The bureaus will respond within 45 days with your results! Schedule your consultation today to let us help you get closer to your dream car or house!

Credit restoration/Repair


Sit back, relax, and let us repair your credit. While we offer a DIY package, sometimes you want the convenience of having someone else do the work for you. We will get the individualized information we need from you and then draft customized letters to the credit bureaus on your behalf. There is a money-back guarantee where you will get a full refund if there are no deletions from your report after 120 days. You will also be provided with financial education tips and information to help you in the future. Monthly calls are included in the program, where you can ask any questions.




Budgeting and saving can be a one-time call or a coaching plan over a 3–6-month time frame where we will meet bi-weekly to ensure you meet your saving/budgeting goals. You set the reasonable goal according to your individual needs, and we will work together to achieve them!


Financial coaching


Whether your needs are saving/investing, credit building or restoration, or adding additional income streams, I am here to coach you to your desired destination! This is a 6-month hands-on program where I will coach you through every step of your path. 

Multiple Streams of Income


Who doesn't want multiple streams of income? You can purchase one of the courses or let me coach you to a stream of income based on your individual talent or passion. This is also a hands-on 6-month course where you will walk away with your business structure and income stream. Whatever you want to do, I will coach you through the start-up. 

Services Offered

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